Surname, name, patronymic name: Sadykova Saule Altynbayevna
Date of birth: 12.08.1980
Education: Higher, K. Zhubanov ASU
Place of employment and work experience: K. Zhubanov ARSU, 21 years
Faculty: Philological
Department: Foreign Philology and Translation
Title: Associate professor
Academic degree and title: PhD doctor, associate professor
Awards: Certificates of honor and letters of thanks fromthe trade union of workers in education and science of the Aktobe region, from the administrationof K. Zhubanov ARU.
Scientific publications, books, monographs (quantity, name): 59 scientific and methodological publications, among which1 manual, 1 monograph, 1 article in WOS, 1 articles in Scopus, 10 - in journalsof CCSES, 2 teaching aids.