Surname, name, patronymic name: Aimukatov Askar Tukpanovich
Date of birth: 20.07.1961
Education: Sverdlovsk Engineering Pedagogical Institute, engineer-teacher
Place of employment and work experience: 36 years, ASU im. K. Zhubanova, Aktobe Polytechnic College, AF NTSPK "Orleu"
Faculty: The Physics and Mathematics faculty
Department: Computer Science and Information Technology
Title: Dean
Academic degree and title: candidate of pedagogical sciences
Awards: badge “Y. Altynsarin "2018; "The best teacher of TVE RK" 2016; "Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" 2009; "Excellence in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" 1995; medal "For outstanding services in the field of technical and vocational education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" 2016.
Scientific publications, books, monographs (quantity, name): More than 40 scientific publications. Monograph "Teaching Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling in the Computer Science Course of the Polytechnic College". Teaching aids:
1."System of advanced training: from tradition to innovation", Publishing house: Almaty 2019 (ISBN);
2.Machine zhasau tekhnologiyasyndaғy mekhanikalyқ deu modederi /. Publishing house: Foliant, Astana 2015 (ISBN 9965-706-21-2);
3.Object_lі baytty baғdarlamalau negіzderi. Publishing house: Foliant, Astana 2014 (ISBN 978-601-292-119-9);
4.MS Excel kestelik processors / tәzhribelik sabaқtar /. Publishing house: Foliant, Astana 2011 (ISBN 9965-35-553-3);